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Worker’s Compensation Funding Can Give Your Practice Greater Flexibility

Whether you are a medical practice, a rehabilitation center or physical therapy facility, pain management office or a home health staffing agency, you more than likely are dealing with a lot of patients that are dealing with work-related injuries and worker’s compensation claims. While these are patients that certainly need proper treatment and care just like anyone else, the situation created by worker’s comp claims can be very tricky for your office. You may find yourself handcuffed by the system as you struggle to get the payments you are entitled to for services rendered. Because of this situation, it is worth it to you to explore what we can do for you at Healthcare Funding Source with our worker’s compensation funding program.

The Process of Worker’s Compensation Funding

Worker’s compensation cases can create a lot of headaches for your practice or office. While it is important that you treat the patients as part of the services you offer, dealing with the claims and getting invoices processed with these claims can be tough for you. Worker’s comp claims have all kinds of requirements involving authorizations and can have very long and extended collection times, leaving outstanding invoices aging in your system for weeks or months without payment. The lack of payment can completely hamstring your business, causing you to put off hiring new staff or buying equipment or even meeting your bills or payroll.

How to Solve the Problem

A good solution to this problem is to make use of the worker’s compensation funding that we provide you from Healthcare Funding Source. We understand the problems caused by worker’s comp cases, and we have developed a system where we can purchase your medical receivables and provide you with the cash you need. When you have the cash on hand, you will have much greater financial flexibility so you can easily meet all of your obligations and still have the ability to grow your business or practice the way that you need to grow it.

Get the Information Today

To learn more about the worker’s compensation funding that we can provide for you, please give us a call at Healthcare Funding Source at 844-423-8637. You can speak with one of our representatives and learn more about what you can do to get an evaluation of your receivables and find out what programs can be available to you to get the funding you need.

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