Funding Personal Injury Liens and Letters of Protection

Healthcare Funding Source offers practical financial solutions for the medical providers throughout the nation by arranging the purchase of aging personal injury liens and letter of protections (LOP) from Personal Injury cases. This easy funding alternative ensures that money is available to your medical business, rather than being tied up in collections. This funding method helps reduce both the risk and the expense of accepting personal Injury cases, and allows the medical provider to concentrate on the practice, not spend time dealing with collections. We specialized in Surgery Center Funding.

Even attorneys can benefit from our medical funding solutions as many times it is hard to locate medical providers that will service an attorney’s clients on a lien or letter of protection.  With our funding model and pre approval process Healthcare Funding Source will purchase these liens and letters of protection, thus allowing attorneys to work with their preferred medical provider and get paid for the procedures in a timely fashion.

Healthcare Funding Source will get you the highest percentage offers for your unpaid cases. Upon accepted agreement, you receive cash within days and all further collections are assumed by the Funder/Investor. Ongoing funding is also available upon request.

We respect the relationship between medical practices and the attorneys that refer them to us. We respect the roles that all concerned parties play in the medical financing and workers compensation receivable financing process, and aim to protect the reputation of everyone involved.

Why sell your liens and LOP?

When a personal injury medical practice grows, you create and maintain a large portfolio of liens and LOP’s held against the cases which is the good news. But you have expenses to pay. This creates work as you will need to track, negotiate and collect on these liens and LOP’s held.  Sometimes you may not get paid or it takes an extended time period to get paid. You need to have a skilled staff to negotiate with the attorney and collect the money. That is where Healthcare Funding Source comes in, we can fund these cases quickly, give you back control of your cash flow and you can take on more cases.

How it works…

Healthcare Funding Source reviews your case portfolio for FREE, with no application fees and no obligation. We analyze and standardize the findings and source the best qualified funding options to pay the very highest rate for your personal injury receivables. Once you agree, you will receive a large cash settlement and be relieved of all the risk and work of collections. Ultimately, you reduce cost associated with billing, follow-up, lien tracking, invoicing and collecting.


  • Focus on Attorney Relationships

    You can get our help in maintaining good relationships with personal injury attorneys any time

  • Fast Funding Offers

    You can get funds on the same day if you have continuous request for funding!

  • Attorney Referrals

    Additional cases or patients are possible with us

  • All type of Evaluation / Treatment

    You can take our help for any type of billing rate based on treatment

  • Numerous Liens Bids or Offers

    We can give better rates than other provider for the Account Receivables

  • HIPPA Compliant

    Data is secured and complete privacy is assured

Testimonials & Clients

John Smith
MD Florida, FL

I have made use of the service several times. I received the highest rates for my $8 million in WC A/R. The investor is still funding my current business. Thank you!

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