Accounts Receivables factoring assists medical providers with accelerating their outstanding receivables to quickly improve their financial situation of their business. Increased cash flow allows for purchasing equipment, increasing staff, facility expansion and reducing debt. When you sell your medical receivables, you turn your insurance carrier invoices (Medicaid, Medicare, or HMO-PPO) into cash.

Why should you factor? Why should you sell your medical receivables?

Medical accounts receivables factoring allows the medical providers to maintain cash flow, regardless of slow payments from insurance carriers and other third-party payers. Healthcare Funding Source gives medical providers the money needed when faced with invoices that might go unpaid for weeks or months. We can factor from $5,000 to over $5 million plus in monthly revenue.

Our simple process is quick and can be arranged as an ongoing service for large facilities with substantial monthly billings, or on an as-needed basis for smaller practices.

It is easy to get started…

The process starts with an examination of the medical provider’s accounts receivables portfolio to determine its net realizable value (NRV). After the FREE evaluation, an offer to purchase the qualified medical accounts receivables is provided to the medical provider. Fees are based on anticipated factoring volume and other underwriting factors. The funding process begins as soon as contracts are executed and delivered.

sell your medical receivables

  • Numerous Funding people / Investors w/ Healthcare Funding Source Competing for all your Offers

  • Exclusively Free for all medical Provider
    Screened and Qualified investors and funding entities.

  • Very Fast funding Process – Timeline is strict
    for funding offer and offer submission

  • Get highly Competitive Bids or Offers
    for the PPO/HMO Account Receivables

  • Not any Minimum Requirement for Purchase,
    Entire types of Treatment

  • Confidential – HIPAA Compliant – Safe
    Immediate Term Sheet Payout or Offer

Testimonials & Clients

Delena. M. MD
New York, NY

“I heard about these services via a referral. I manage a growing hospital. I can’t thank them enough for their smooth funding process and the bidding hub. I received great funding and support for ongoing factoring.”

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