Get Funding (CASH) for Medical Businesses: Apply Now for Low Doc Loans, Factoring Cash Advances, Line of Credit or Personal Injury Lien or Workers Compensation Lien Purchases. Use for Business Expansion or Durable Medical Equipment Purchase
Get Funding (CASH) for Medical Businesses: Apply Now for Low Doc Loans, Factoring Cash Advances, Line of Credit or Personal Injury Lien or Workers Compensation Lien Purchases. Use for Business Expansion or Durable Medical Equipment Purchase 

About Us

Healthcare Funding Source – Provides Cash Now for Medical Accounts Receivables

With access to a one of a kind Investor Bidding Hub we supply providers with many qualified offers for financing their business. Healthcare Funding Source provides the best financial solutions for medical providers. Our services connects you to a multitude of Investors who bid and provide competitive rates for loans, line of creditfactoring or purchase of personal injury or workers compensation liens. In addition, we ensure a smooth transaction, quick payout and excellent customer service.

Contact US Today to explore how Healthcare Funding Source can assist your business. See why so many of our providers utilize our services repeatedly.

No more settling for low payouts on your Accounts Receivables! Whether you wish to sell your Personal Injury or Workers Compensation liens and/or No Fault Invoices – Healthcare Funding Source is the RIGHT CHOICE. Even if you only require short term financing (Factoring) on your outstanding AR – We can help. Low documentation requirements and no credit checks or financial statements are required.

How do we differ from other funding sources?

  • Tailored financial solutions – specifically chosen for your business
  • FREE CONSULTATION – no obligation
  • Simplified process – minor paperwork
  • Multiple funding options/offers
  • Offers in days – quick payout
  • HIPAA Compliant – complete confidentiality
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