Artificial intelligence: what do experts consider it

The most up-to-date tech news about Artificial Intelligence: will it threaten us?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) would be the aptitude of clever machines to perform resourceful features which have been historically perceived as the prerogative of the particular person. This phrase also denotes the science and of making clever equipment. To the initial time this definition was given via the American machine scientist John McCarthy in 1956.

HMO Funding

How HMO Funding Can Help with Cash Flow

It can be incredibly frustrating running any type of medical office, business or practice today. The rising needs of patients have created a backlog in many practices, with longer waiting times for your patients for just about everything. The current system used by insurance companies and government agencies for processing, approving and paying claims has become even more challenging.

Medical Practice Expansion Funding

Secure Medical Business Expansion Funding

When you first started your medical business, while your initial steps may have been small, you always want to think about the big picture down the road. Ideally, you want to have expansion in mind even when you are starting out small because the hope is always there that your practice will grow with each passing year.

Medical Provider Loans

How Medical Business Loans Can Save Your Business

Having any type of medical business in the world today can be quite challenging. With all of the changes that have taken place in the healthcare industry over the last several years, it can make running any type of medical business difficult for you. Payments now can take longer than ever before for you to receive from insurance companies or government agencies.

Personal Injury Liens Funding

The Versatility of Medical Personal Injury Funding

Personal injury cases are becoming a predominant part of both medical businesses and law practices today. With more and more people suffering injuries from vehicle accidents, workplace injuries and slip and falls, personal injury cases are constantly on the rise. These cases present a unique problem for many medical practices in that it can take a very long time for them to get payments for the treatment provided as they wait for insurance companies,

Workers Compensation

Keep Your Practice Going with Workers Compensation Funding

Ask any medical practice today what type of cases they see the most often and many of them will say it’s workers compensation cases. This is particularly true of practices like orthopedic offices, physical therapy practices, neurologists and surgery practices. Many more people seem to be getting injured on the job today as people work longer hours under harsh conditions.

medical provider funding

Exploring Medicare Funding

When You Need Medicare Funding

For nearly any medical practice today, no matter what the size, Medicare can be a very important component of your business. With so many seniors relying on Medicare today for their primary insurance, taking Medicare patients is a crucial part of keeping your business moving forward. The problem is that there are flaws that are known within the system,

Look Plaintiff Lawsuit Funding

What to Look for in Plaintiff Lawsuit Funding

If you have been involved in any type of accident that has caused injury to you, you likely are already starting to feel the pressure and anxiety the entire situation can cause you. The injuries may have left you unable to work for the short-term, the long-term or perhaps even permanently. You have mounting medical bills,