Medical Practice Line of Credit

Medical Business Cash May Be Just What You Need

You have spent years building up your medical practice so that it can be successful and provide needed services to your local community. While you have worked hard to get everything to this point, you may find that in recent years you have been having trouble with cash flow and financing. Changes that have occurred in the healthcare industry regarding the laws,

Artificial intelligence: what do experts consider it

The most up-to-date tech news about Artificial Intelligence: will it threaten us?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) would be the aptitude of clever machines to perform resourceful features which have been historically perceived as the prerogative of the particular person. This phrase also denotes the science and of making clever equipment. To the initial time this definition was given via the American machine scientist John McCarthy in 1956.

HMO Funding

How HMO Funding Can Help with Cash Flow

It can be incredibly frustrating running any type of medical office, business or practice today. The rising needs of patients have created a backlog in many practices, with longer waiting times for your patients for just about everything. The current system used by insurance companies and government agencies for processing, approving and paying claims has become even more challenging.