Where to Turn for HMO Provider Funding

With more employers and insurance companies offering HMO plans to their employees and subscribers, more medical practices have turned to accepting HMOs or becoming part of HMO plans. Working in this nature can be something of a double-edged sword for you and your practice. On the positive side, you can increase the number of patients you see when you are part of a network,

What to Do When You Need Medical Practice Expansion Funding

While many outsiders may think of a medical practice differently, as the owner of the practice you know it is important that you operate your practice like you would any other business. That means you pay close attention to your expenses and costs, to money coming in and out, and when improvements and upgrades are needed to your facility so you can stay competitive.

How to Get Preferred Provider Funding for Your Practice

Many medical practices today have turned to joining Preferred Provider Organizations, or PPOs as they are commonly known. Since many insurance plans offered by employers and by Medicare are PPO plans, it makes sense to become part of an organization. Being a member can help to grow your patient or client base as more people need to see practices that fall within their network.

Where to Get Workers Compensation Claims Advance Funding

There are many medical practices today that find a large portion of their patients are coming to them with workplace injuries. If you own or operate an ambulatory surgery practice, a chiropractic practice, physical therapy facility, orthopedic surgery practice or another medical facility, you likely see many patients today that have been hurt while on the job.

Expand Your Practice with Medical Provider Loans

Your medical practice has turned out to be everything you always hoped it would be when you started it. You have a steady flow of patients each day, a staff that you can count on and rely on, and a good location that suits your needs. One thing you have noticed, however, is that as your practice has grown,

Finding the Best Deals for a Medical Practice Line of Credit

As great as it is when you see your practice start to grow, you may find quickly that you were not quite prepared for the explosion that you see. While the goal is always to increase the number of patients so you can supply proper care and establish your practice when you have more patients than you may have been prepared for,

A Medical Line of Credit or Loan is Just What You Need

A Medical Line of Credit or Loan is Just What You Need

You have spent years building up your medical business so that it can be successful and provide needed services to your local community. While you have worked hard to get everything to this point, you may find that in recent years you have been having trouble with cash flow and financing. Changes that have occurred in the healthcare industry regarding the laws,

A Medical Line of Credit or Loan

A Medical Line of Credit or Loan Can Save Your Business

Having your own medical business has always been a dream of yours, ever since the early days of going to medical school. Now that you have undertaken a practice of your own and has the responsibility of running a business is, maintaining employees and keeping up with your medical duties, you may find that it can all be a bit overwhelming.

What to do When You Need Funding for Business Expansion

What to do When You Need Funding for Business Expansion

When you first started your medical business, while your initial steps may have been small, you always want to think about the big picture down the road. Ideally, you want to have expansion in mind even when you are starting out small because the hope is always there that your practice will grow with each passing year.

Get the Funding for Business Expansion You Need

You started your medical business expansion years ago with the hope of not only serving your community well and providing the help that is needed, but with the hope of making a good living for yourself. You have seen your business grow and prosper, but you find that you are still at the same location that you originally started at and things are starting to get a little bit tight.