Where to Get Workers Compensation Claims Advance Funding

There are many medical practices today that find a large portion of their patients are coming to them with workplace injuries. If you own or operate an ambulatory surgery practice, a chiropractic practice, physical therapy facility, orthopedic surgery practice or another medical facility, you likely see many patients today that have been hurt while on the job. Patients dealing with injuries from work have special circumstances, and the injuries are paid for and handled differently than your typical patient. Dealing with many patients like this can put you in a bind, and it can be helpful to you to know where you can go to get workers advance funding to help your practice.

What Happens with Workers Compensation Claims

When you are dealing with patients seeing you because of workplace injuries, the claims are handled differently than typical insurance company claims. Because the injuries took place at work, the employer and their workman’s compensation plan are responsible for payment to you. https://pro-academic-writers.com/. There will be different forms for you to file and you may not see payment for the services you provide for your patients for many months as you wait for approvals to come through. If you see several patients like this at once, you may find that you are owed thousands of dollars for months, hindering your ability to operate your practice.

Getting Advance Funding

Workers compensation claims advance funding can be the best answer for you so that you can get the money you need to keep your practice or facility afloat. Here at HealthCare Funding Source, we can advance you the money you are owed on your accounts receivable for these instances so that you get the payment you need fast to take care of your responsibilities without the wait. You can continue to provide the care your patients need without the worry of when payments will come through.

Find Out More about Advance Funding

If you would like to learn more about your options for workers compensation claims advance funding, reach out to us here at HealthCare Funding Source. You can phone us at 844-423-8637, and we will be happy to talk to you about our program so you can see how we can help you. Get the funding you need to help cover the delays you may experience in payment of these claims so that you can continue to operate well and serve your patients in the manner that they need.

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